ISWP Wheelchair Service Provider (WSP) Certification Ethical Standards of Practice

The International Society of Wheelchair Professionals’ vision is that all people who need wheeled mobility devices receive the appropriate products and services with dignity. To that end, it promotes the following ethical standards for its credentialed service providers:

  1. Treat wheelchair users with dignity and respect and protect them from harm from the wheelchair service provision process.
  2. Practice with honesty and integrity including when determining and requesting reasonable payment (where applicable).  
  3. Advocate for the importance of appropriate wheelchairs and related services.
  4. Comply with global guidelines, professional standards and laws that regulate wheelchair service provision.
  5. Engage in conduct that positively reflects the wheelchair service provision sector and ISWP.
  6. Contribute to interdisciplinary collaborations (including all stakeholders) and promoting partnerships to advance the wheelchair sector.

Please note that all prospective certified providers will need to adhere to the ethical standards of practice.