Hybrid Course in Wheelchair Service Training – Basic Level – Interactive

The International Society of Wheelchair Professionals (ISWP) developed a combined online and in-person training, the Hybrid Course based on the World Health Organization Wheelchair Service Training Package Basic Level (WHO WSTP-B), a course that develops the skills and knowledge to deliver wheelchair services to people with mobility impairments that can sit upright without additional postural support.

The Hybrid Course leverages online modules designed for low-bandwidth internet access that reduces the in-person exposure from five to three days, making it less expensive and more feasible to scale worldwide.

The course that you are about to access consists of 8 interactive modules that represent the Core Knowledge of the WHO WSTP-B. we are compromised to continuously improve our training course an offer high-quality training experiences, if you would like to share feedback about this course please send your comments to [email protected]

Thank you and enjoy the course!


Course Materials