Mobility Worldwide Online Course

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 10% of people with disabilities, approximately 112 million people, need a wheelchair for mobility and function. However, only 5%–15% of them have access to a properly fitted wheelchair, indicating that approximately 96 million people do not have a wheelchair or have one that does not meet their needs. Wheelchair users who do not have access to appropriate wheelchair provision by trained providers are at a high risk of developing secondary health conditions and premature death.

ISWP partnered with Mobility Worldwide in an effort to help develop a universal training package to train their partners to fit the Mobility Carts appropriately while also educating the recipient in its use and maintenance,

Before proceeding with the course, we recommend that you complete the following fundamental online courses:

Please feel free to download the Mobility Worldwide’s mobility cart user manual and provision manual.

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