Wheelchair Maintenance Training Program

Wheelchair breakdowns are an important cause for injuries in wheelchair users, this number has doubled between 1991 and 2003 and poor wheelchair maintenance has been linked to an increased risk of breakdowns, injuries, and costs of care. A lack of wheelchair maintenance has been cited as a factor which contributes to wheelchair related injuries and death.

Between 5% to 18% of wheelchair users commonly experience wheelchair related injuries each year and between 44% to 57% reported at least one breakdown in the past 6 months; of these, between 20% to 30% stated that it resulted in an adverse event, which included missing work and appointments, being stranded at home or away from home, and/or being injured.

Wheelchair maintenance has significant potential to reduce wheelchair repair and replacement costs, this is why this program aims to develop skills and knowledge of participants to perform basic wheelchair maintenance.

This training program includes both manual and power wheelchairs and attempts to incorporate the latest evidence on wheelchair breakdowns, repairs, and maintenance.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Recognize the importance of completing wheelchair maintenance
  • List the appropriate timing for wheelchair maintenance tasks
  • Demonstrate methods for maintaining a wheelchair
  • Demonstrate how to identify common technical wheelchair problems

Training Program Expectations & Requirements:

  • Make sure to do all of the maintenance activities while reviewing the lectures

Course Materials

Manual Wheelchair Power Wheelchair Screwdrivers Allen wrenches Open-end box-end wrench combination tool or Crescent wrench Plastic tire lever Tire patch kit Tire pump and gauge WD40 or other similar lubricant Hands-on activity checklist for power wheelchair Hands-on activity checklist for manual wheelchair Log document for power wheelchair Log document for manual wheelchair