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    If you are a passionate collector and want to buy your favorite shoes, you must pay attention to the authenticity of the shoes. If you want to know whether your shoes are really genuine, here we will introduce some simple ways for you. The method is simple and fast.

    First method: look at the shoe box

    The first thing we should do is to look at the box of shoes. Some counterfeiters will put a fake pair of shoes in an authentic box and sell it as genuine. Therefore, if you want to know whether your shoes are genuine, you should look at them carefully before buying them. If there are many defects in the box or it appears that it has been used many times before selling, then this pair of shoes will be considered as a counterfeit product.

    Second method: feel the shoe material

    The material used in making a pair of shoe determines its quality. Therefore, if you want to know whether your shoe is genuine or not, feel its material carefully and see if there is any difference between genuine ones and counterfeits. As for real leather materials, they are softer than other materials such as PU leather or plastic materials;

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    great article, thanks
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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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