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    Instructions: Think about people who have trained you in the past and identify who do you consider to have been effective trainers. In other words, people who enabled you to learn what you needed to and who gave you positive and worthwhile experiences.

    Consider all aspects of their previous trainers’ behaviour:

    • how they presented themselves
    • how they interacted with the trainees
    • how they managed the training
    • how they created a positive environment.
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    This is where I write information about people who have trained me.

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    Hi Kathy, this is a difficult question I think! Neither option ever ticks all the boxes.

    Are you able to have a ramp at any door into your house? Do you have any outside space where you could have a shed or store?

    As far as batteries go, there is no clear rule that one will go further than the other, it depends on the battery (and there can be a choice of battery size with some chairs and scooters). In my experience all will manage a day out at a shopping centre. How far any of them go obviously depends on things like gradient and surface of pavement/path. I imagine the weight of the user will affect how much power is used as well. I have a small scooter; it’s always coped with hills if I’ve been on concrete.

    I think that this website is the best source of info about different models

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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