To get started with the Wheelchair Service Provider (WSP) Certification process, please register or sign-in to WIN first using the following link: and upload the letter from your supervisor below. We will send you an email confirmation that will include a link to pay certification fees.

ISWP WSP Initial Form

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Click here for more information on how to get started with the certification!

Click here for the ISWP Wheelchair Service Provider (WSP) Certification Ethical Standards of Practice


To obtain re-certification after 2 years, one must complete the following in WIN:

  1. Submit an online application including uploading a letter from a supervisor or instructor that verifies:
  • Documentation of 9 seating assessments
  • Completion of 10 hours of continuing education including self-study.
    1. The applicant should be prepared to supply evidence of training including: training certificate, name of training or courses completed, transcript on official letterhead if applicable, and/or licenses and certifications. If self-study is described in the letter, the applicant should be prepared to demonstrate documentation of measurable learning objectives with corresponding learning outcomes. There will be recurring audits, so these items should be on-hand.

Continuing education to be submitted for re-certification can be verified in the form of the following:

  • In-person conferences related to wheelchairs and/or assistive technology
  • In-person trainings (including internal seminars, presentations) at your employment site or training program related to wheelchairs and/or assistive technology.
  • ISWP Wheelchair International Network: We offer our own trainings (all trainings are eligible for continuing education for the Basic Hybrid Course) and a list of other online resources. Please note some resources listed (other than those sponsored by ISWP) may require payment to generate a certificate of completion.
  • Other evidence-based online trainings related to wheelchairs and/or assistive technology. Quick tips include ensuring the resource is developed by a credible source with appropriate credentials, determining whether the organization behind the source is reputable, determining whether the source is current, and determining whether the content is validated by academic references or other reputable sources (e.g. World Health Organization). Beware of continuing education which may exhibit commercial bias (offered by some companies or others with a financial interest).
  • Mentoring*
  • Self-study**
  • Service assessments will be validated through this log sheet (link).

*ISWP will pursue volunteer mentee/mentor matching through WIN. Each interaction hour counts as 1 hour of continuing education. With adequate description, you may identify your own mentor and describe mentored interactions with that person, including learning objectives and how they were achieved.

**Self-study is permitted with completion of this form. As shown in the form, you must identify learning objectives, and describe how those learning objectives were achieved, and through which resources, including references and links as appropriate. Although not limited to peer-reviewed journal articles, you may find several open-source articles that provide the latest evidence related to appropriate wheelchair service provision. This search may help identify some useful articles: and then click ‘open access’ on the left hand of the website.

If you require guidance or recommendations for either requirement, please contact Krithika Kandavel ([email protected]) who will assist or direct you to additional resources.

If the candidate’s certification has lapsed after a 30 day grace period, in addition to the recertification requirements, there will be a process for reinstatement that requires completion of a new application, passing the test, and additional education requirements.


To appeal certification or re-certfication denied status, one must complete the following in WIN:

Submit an online application within 14 days after the result confirmation date; appeals received after this time will not be accepted. The appeal must include a detailed written explanation that specifically states the reason(s) for the appeal, and why the appeal should be granted. Denial of the certification alone is not sufficient grounds for an appeal.

Other Fees: If an applicant fails the ISWP Wheelchair Service Provision-Basic Test in English or Spanish, they cannot move forward with their application and must wait 14 days to retake the exam. If the test is retaken within 1 year, the applicant is eligible for a 50% discount on certification fee.