Using PowerPoints

Below are some recommendations for using the PowerPoints

  • Use the slides as a prompt and to show the key messages.
  • Allow time for participants to absorb the content of each slide. This will take longer for those working in a foreign language.
  • Add variety by asking participants to read slide messages out loud.
  • Make sure the slide shown corresponds with what you are saying.
  • Keep the slides synchronized with the Trainer’s Manual.
  • Avoid reading from the screen.
  • If you do read from the screen, do not look over your shoulder or stand with 
your back to the audience.
  • Avoid blocking the beam.

How will your presentation style and session planning change when participants have a visual impairment?

  • Read information on the slides to ensure participants with visual impairments get all of the information.
  • Make sure the presentations are in a large font and that the screen is as large as possible for those who are partially sighted.
  • Meet with participants before the training to understand their needs.
  • If participants use a screen reader, provide documents and presentations ahead of time so they can review before the training starts.
  • Provide documents in braille if applicable.