Trainings based on WHO Wheelchair Service Training Packages (WSTP)

ISWP recently developed online content based on the WHO Wheelchair Service Training Packages (WSTP):

  • Basic (WSTPb),
  • Training of Trainers for Basic and Intermediate (WSTPt),
  • Managers’ (WSTPm) and Stakeholders (WSTPs) in English and Spanish.

The availability of these courses will significantly reduce the number of in-person training days, as well as the cost, and expand the number of people who can be trained. The online modules were created using Articulate’s Storyline 360 and reside in ISWP’s Wheelchair International Network (WIN).

The online modules are intended to be used as both asynchronous self-paced and instructor-facilitated content. To this end, ISWP will be developing a brief “Instructor’s Guide” in addition to “General Recommendations”. In the “Instructor’s Guide”, we will include sample agendas for training and typical resources that would be required for both online and in-person deployment.  In the “General Recommendations” we would include the evidence that suggests how and for whom the online modules may be appropriate, in addition to evidence that suggests that competencies from a particular content area may be insufficient to achieve competency in that area through online modules alone. The instructor’s guide will be available soon.

To gain access to the online modules, we request the following contribution from the partner:

Educators/Training Centers Others
1. Participate in 4 online academic training partners’ meeting
1.a. Present on your academic training program
2. Contribute resources to SMART
3. Complete a snapshot
Please contact ISWP Research and Training Coordinator, Krithika Kandavel at [email protected] for more information.

We will request you to have your course recognized as the first step, please click here for more information.


ToT Basic ToT Intermediate WSTP Basic Managers Stakeholders
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ToT Basic ToT Intermediate WSTP Basic Managers Stakeholders
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WSTP Basic
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UPITT SCI Wheelchair Safety Courses

UPITT Suite of Wheelchair Safety Courses (Safe Wheelchair Transfer and Maintenance) was developed by the American Institutes for Research. These modules have been prepped for use by the public.


Safe Wheelchair Transfer Training Wheelchair Maintenance Manual Wheelchair Maintenance Powered
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