Webinar 1: “Teaching Strategies & Available Resources for Wheelchair Service Provision Education”

On 15 April 2020 ISWP hosted a webinar on “Teaching Strategies & Available Resources for Wheelchair Service Provision Education” available for you and your colleagues. The speakers were Mary Goldberg (University of Pittsburgh), Paula Rushton (University of Montreal) & Barbara Crane (Plymouth University).

  1. Link to the recording of the webinar here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JEJq9a_Z30
  2. Link to the Facilitating Online Learning Tips document (also attached as a PDF). It includes the links to all the resources shared in the webinar and more.
  3. ISWP Online Modules: 40+ modules based on WHO Wheelchair Service Training Package (WSTP) and other evidences are available in English and Spanish. Please contact Krithika Kandavel at [email protected] if you would like to gain access.
  4. Poll results and chat text.
  5. Please take 5 minutes to let us know your thoughts on the webinar to help us improve in the future. Here is the link to the short survey.
  6. Continuing Education Units (CEU) Information: We are offering a CEU of .1 for this webinar. If you wish to receive CEU’s, registration, a processing fee, successful completion of a post-test, and course evaluation are required. Click Here for further information about CEU’s and how to register. Please contact Krithika Kandavel at [email protected] if you need further information.
  7. Links to the resources from the webinar:
    1. ISWP (Mary Goldberg): Attached document provides more information on ISWP Academic Training Partners.
    2. Transitioning from a flipped classroom approach to 100% distance learning (Paula Rushton). Link to online modules in French!
    3. Pre-Professional Training Program for Wheelchair Seating (Barbara Crane) Link to the online modules in English!

Watch the webinar recording now!

Webinar 2: ISWP’s new interactive tool for wheelchair product testing”

On 30 June 2020, ISWP hosted a webinar on “ISWP’s new interactive tool for wheelchair product testing”. A new interaction tool – called a Wiki – to support best-practices information on wheelchair testing was launched during this webinar. The Wiki is a collaborative website that includes descriptions of the test methods, related documentation including design drawings for the testing equipment, and step-by-step instructions on how to perform the tests. You can learn what this resource has to offer to new and existing testing lab centers to evaluate wheelchair products around the world here.

Watch the webinar recording now!