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Hi Kathy, this is a difficult question I think! Neither option ever ticks all the boxes.

Are you able to have a ramp at any door into your house? Do you have any outside space where you could have a shed or store?

As far as batteries go, there is no clear rule that one will go further than the other, it depends on the battery (and there can be a choice of battery size with some chairs and scooters). In my experience all will manage a day out at a shopping centre. How far any of them go obviously depends on things like gradient and surface of pavement/path. I imagine the weight of the user will affect how much power is used as well. I have a small scooter; it’s always coped with hills if I’ve been on concrete.

I think that this website is the best source of info about different models http://healthyhowardmd.org/blog/ease-of-mobility-manual-or-powered-wheelchair/