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    Please answer:

    • What experiences have you had of receiving feedback?

    Think about feedback that was helpful for your learning and feedback that made you feel defensive or upset and was not helpful.

    • What should trainers¬†consider when providing feedback?



    Avatar for Misha BradfordMisha Bradford

    The tone and content of feedback should ensure that the recipient knows the trainer values their ideas and perspective. This can be a little tricky with translation and in cultural settings where the accepted ways of giving/receiving feedback are unfamiliar to the trainer.

    Avatar for Joseph TellJoseph Tell

    Being open to feedback from multiple sources and knowing when to make adjustments and when not to is a key to the success of any venture, not just a presentation. Some suggestions will be very good, some will not be representative of an accurate assessment. Having multiple sources helps dramatically identify which is which.

    Avatar for Karma PhuentshoKarma Phuentsho

    The tone and intent of the feedback plays important role especially when it is about correcting a mistake and recommending improvements. Beginning with a positive feedback followed by constructive feedback seems to work in encouraging and generating enthusiasms. The other thing is the care and passion of the trainer or a person who is providing feedback. Half-hearted feedbacks will not become positive or constructive.

    Amira TawashyAmira Tawashy

    When giving feedback, focus on the actions and objective things that can be corrected. Try to be as specific as possible. Feedback sandwich – positive, negative, positive.

    Avatar for Yasmin GarciaYasmin Garcia

    Feedback based on objective arguments and not personal feelings, based on lessons learned by giving examples and not only assumptions.

    Understand the context and factors that surround the trainee before giving feedback.

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    I have found that if Feedback expresses or shows that you value the participant by highlighting the positive or the achievements and keeping the constructive part focused on the priorities, meaning not cherrypicking on nonessentials it can go a long way in encouragement to positive action towards improvement, which is what we want to experience ourselves and which we want others to experience as well.

    #5199[email protected]

    Feedback should be ‘edifying’; it should be offered both with kindness, and with the intension of elevating the receivers ability to improve. One should give examples, when possible, to help communicate the message.

    #5205[email protected]

    Giving and receiving feedback is so necessary to the ability to improve and provide helpful education to others.
    I believe that a “sandwich” of feedback is most receivable – positive, negative, positive. And, that being as objective as possible with the feedback, keeping in mind how, when and where the receiver is hearing it, will assist in the understanding and implementation of the information.

    I once had someone give me very negative feedback in an anonymous survey where I could not find any positive comments and didn’t have any opportunity for follow up. The negatives were generalized statements, without specific examples and did not line up with the verbal comments that this person had been providing. This left confused and wondering how to improve, and wondering about the root of the comments. It didn’t result in any specific action, except that I felt “abused” and suspicious of the writer’s comments.

    On the other hand, I was recipient of some very helpful feedback, naming specific dates and times and objective actions which precipitated a negative result. While this was difficult to hear, I was able to make very objective improvements immediately and felt good about the improved result! This was done in person, and I was able to go back and “make things right”. This strengthened my relationship with that person and gained me respect in their eyes because of my response to their feedback.

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    Constructive advice should come with smile and encouragement to the person.In Thailand this is important.

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