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    When I have only one wheelchair in the store and I have two patine , one is an old user but his wheelchair is run out ans can not be repair, the other one is a new wheelchair user and have no wheelchair ,both are need wheelchair they have come to the center , Which one should I give first ?

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    For which of the two users the available wheelchair provides an appropriate fit and meets his/her needs? Is the center going to receive new wheelchairs soon? Is it possible to refer one of them (or both) to a center that may have a wider variety and availability of devices that could meet their needs? If the new user is at risk of developing pressure sores, make sure to train him/her and their family on skin care.

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    You’re on a personal trip and you encounter a wheelchair user not seating on their pressure release cushion; – when asking them about them pressure release coshion, you get to know that they have one and it’s thick which make the wheelchair feel unsafe.
    NB; you’re a wheelchair technician.

    – is it ethical to leave to wheelchair user without helping them?

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