In 2016, ISWP developed and tested a Hybrid Course based on the World Health Organization Wheelchair Service Training Package: Basic Level (WHO WSTPb) in English and Spanish, which uses an in-person training methodology. The Hybrid Course uses a synchronous blended learning methodology that combines online modules designed for low-bandwidth internet access which reduce the in-person training exposure to three days, making it less expensive and easier to scale. The online modules are self-paced for the individual learner and then the trainee is required to attend the in-person training which includes practical sessions  and lectures. The Hybrid Course has been tested in English and Spanish, and results indicate a statistically significant influence on the ISWP Wheelchair Service Provision Basic Test total score in both languages.

ISWP offers access to the following courses and tests:

1. Wheelchair Service Training Package (WSTP) (English and Spanish)

  • Basic
  • Managers
  • Stakeholders

2. Wheelchair Service Training of Trainers Packages (WSTP ToT)

  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Managers and Stakeholders

3. ISWP Wheelchair Service Provision Basic Test in 14 languages, refer here for more details.

4. ISWP Wheelchair Service Provision Intermediate Test in English and Spanish.

Know your categories!


  • If you are university and will not be charging a fee, then please refer to the requirements here.
  • If you are representing a university and will not be charging a fee, then please pay the bundle fee for the ISWP Wheelchair Service Provider (WSP) Certification for your group, more information here.
  • If you will be charging a fee, please refer to this document for more information.

How ISWP Wheelchair Service Provider (WSP) Certification ties with the ISWP Wheelchair Service Training Hybrid training?

When ISWP Wheelchair Service Training Package (WSTP) Basic online modules are used as a part of your in-person training (or as lab activities/practicals in the case of a university course), all the trainees/students are eligible to pursue the ISWP Wheelchair Service Provider (WSP) Certification at the basic level. It acknowledges that providers have appropriate wheelchair service provision knowledge at the basic level and have received appropriate training, both which are valuable to employers and wheelchair users. Certified providers are acknowledged as a Certified Wheelchair Service Providers for 2 years on ISWP’s Wheelchair International Network (WIN). Learn about the process here:

When you are ready to proceed then please complete the form below!

ISWP Materials Access in WIN

You will receive communication from ISWP within 48 hours of completing the form regarding the next steps. If you have any questions, please contact ISWP Research and Training Coordinator, Krithika Kandavel at [email protected]